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Stella Isabelle…Welcome to our world!

I can’t tell her birth story without telling you a little about my last couple of months pregnant.


I could barely walk. Terrible pelvic pain. The hormone that makes everything move down there was on high. I felt that my child’s head was about to pop out if I sneezed. i tried a chiropractor, prenatal massages, prenatal yoga.. I was still in pain. With that said, I loved every second of being pregnant. :0)

On the 1st of October, I went to my 40 week appointment. I had been off work for three weeks already, just nesting (literally sitting on my couch ordering baby stuff from the internet). I was ready to give birth.. mani-pedi was done, my hair was perfect.. baby room was done. I mean, I was ready. Our midwife informs us that I was almost 5 cm dilated, but I had no contractions. I left that office with one thing in mind.. I want to meet this baby.. NOW!

I told my husband, take me to dinner, this might be our last one by ourselves and take me shopping. I could barely walk but I was going to get the contractions in the best way possible.. shopping!

October 2, 2014 – 5:30ish am

I had the best birth.. Baby S came to this world in a calm and loving room.

That first contraction woke me up. I knew this was it. I woke up my husband (who wanted to keep me pregnant as long as he could.. I’m sure he was just super scared to have a baby) and we went into “let’s get to the hospital” mode and honestly it was all a blur after that.

I lie. No one forgets those contractions. We were a little scared that the baby would come super quick because I was already 5 cm dilated. Of course, there was traffic. I went into hipno-birthing mode and literally shut down every other person who tried to talk to me. The contractions were not that bad at the beginning. I could breathe through them and I felt like a champ. Ha!

Evening came… contractions got stronger…

My room smelled of lavender and had music to help me in my hipnobirthing. I would only talk to my husband. For some reason I felt I couldn’t focus on anybody else. I swear the poor guy couldn’t even go pee, because I needed him there. And he was the best.. my rock. We walked the hospital hallways like 50 times it felt. I needed Stella to move further and she kind of got comfortable. I was not interested in epidurals or c-sections. This baby was coming into my arms when she was ready.

At 9ish.. the contractions were intense. Coming all the way from my back, but I swear hipnobirthing works. I breathed through them. I was deep in concentration. I could see my baby work its way through my body. When my midwive came to check on me, I said I needed to push and they went into full on “let’s get this baby out” mode. I only lost it once… and I remember telling my husband ” I don’t want to scream, help me” and he did.. I was able to get back into my breathing and not letting the pain overcome me.

9:46 pm

I can still feel that push and I have the most vivid image of her eyes looking at mine. I held my baby and for the first time in my life it all made sense.

Stella Isabelle.. Baby Stella… ❤️  My peace




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