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To Date night or Not to date night?

Let me preface this by saying.. this is my opinion. I don’t expect anyone to agree with it.

Chrissy Teigen decided to leave her one week old and go to dinner with her husband. And the internet went crazy. I love her. I think she is funny, gorgeous, etc. But really? You thought leaving your newborn in the care of someone else was the best idea. I don’t agree.

Mommy wars. The battle of those that agreed with Chrissy and the ones that don’t.

I do not agree.

Having a baby is a blessing. A miracle. It is not an entitlement. If you don’t believe me ask any mother who has lost their baby at birth or during their pregnancy. I can assure they wouldn’t leave their one week old to go have dinner, because they know how every second counts.

Baby S. is 18 months old and you know what a date night is for my husband.. putting the baby to sleep and enjoying a glass of wine while we look at the monitor and smile because that precious baby is ours and its safe.

Chrissy (and all the other mothers who agree with her) you do you.. my opinion should not matter. But you are missing so much every time you leave her with someone else. When she smells someone else, she attaches to someone else, she struggles understanding who is “my person”.

I am only having one kid (a different blog topic for sure) and every second I get with this one I do not take for granted. A good friend who had to give birth to her 20 something week baby, texted me the most powerful words, “The pain I am feeling has no words, enjoy Baby S. like every day is last day of her life”. Because unlike her I get to spend a lifetime with my child and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.

I am blessed to be a Mom.





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