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Bad moms…the new trend?

I guess every mom identifies in some sort of way with the characters in the movie. But I don’t like the “cool” factor being added to it.

All I’ve seen is people sharing the movie clip and exclaiming “I’m a bad mom”. Honestly I haven’t even watched the trailer, so I’m not even sure what they identify with. But I can imagine.. They probably drink, party, etc…and if you do that you are a “bad mom”.

It’s a comedy movie, I get it. Could we avoid putting more labels on what is already a very labeled role? We sure can. Let’s laugh at the movie but don’t label women’s decisions to parent in any given way as being a “bad mom”. We all do what we can with all the love in our hearts and sometimes that may involve one (or two) glasses of wine.

Comedy is needed, so go enjoy the movie but never forget you are not a bad mom…

To all the awesome moms … Happy Mother’s day!



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