Does time really go by fast when you have a baby? I just read an article today (that I will link as soon as I find it) that expressed every sentiment when it comes to the famous expression “enjoy them it goes by so fast”.

I have heard this soooo many times. Actually I had not given birth and people had already been telling me this. I allowed that constant fear of time going quickly take over me for a few weeks. And then I realized.. That by being in the moment and not thinking about “time” I was allowing myself the joy of parenting.

I cherish every second, because I know it will go by and the memories I help create will last. But I don’t worry because I love seeing her grow and have her amaze me with her personality and her happiness.

I think when people tell you this they do it because they miss what they had and want you to enjoy it. But we need to practice being in the moment. When I look back at her 20 months of life, I am certain we have made the best of each day. We will continue enjoying lifeand making memories knowing that yes she is growing up but that is only a good thing. That means she is healthy and we are blessed for that!

So no, time doesn’t go fast. If you put yourself in the moment to enjoy it!!!




One thought on “Time

  1. Moments that have great meaning are impactful because they cause you to enjoy every second of what is going on. In essence time slows. Time flies when your having fun, you’re too busy enjoying yourself to keep track of the seconds…so it flies. Kids are so marvelous no one really pays any attention that they have been staring at their baby take a nap for the past 30 minutes…it flies and flies until you stop to say “…it has all gone by so fast”.


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