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5 reasons to celebrate half birthdays

IMG_0030Last sunday we did a get together at a winery with family and friends to celebrate Stella’s 2 1/2 birthday. We had a wonderful time. When I make the decision to host this events, I always ask myself… is this overkill? Should we not celebrate this?

After the outpouring of love from our friends and family, the smiles on people faces, Stella’s joy when we sang happy half birthday, I undoubtedly know that half birthdays are a must and here are my five reasons why you should do one also:

1. Parenting is hard

This is a celebration of life and the energy we have invested the past six months. We deserve some wine and cake.

2. “It goes by so quick”

We hear this all the time as parents. So why celebrate only once a year, celebrate every six months all the achievements you as parents and the baby have accomplished.

3. Friends and family want to see the baby

With work and how busy people’s lives are, it’s hard to see friends and family. This is a perfect time to reconnect with them and for the child to continue establishing relationships with them.

4. Less stressful than the actual birthday

The bar is low when it comes to half birthdays. No pinterest!!!

No cake table, no coordination of anything! Just come and enjoy some cake! If your family is anything like mine, know you will eat until stuffed.

5. Gifts!

Haha! But yeah friends and family are so awesome they bring the baby gifts and it melt my heart to know my child is loved so much.

If you are on the fence about celebrating every six months… don’t be! You will look back at the pictures many years from now and will not regret it one second.



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