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Breastfeeding and beyond

What started as a simple desire to give my baby the best in nutrition (it’s the best and we can debate about that later) has turned into a marathon.

2 and half years later and our breastfeeding relationship is stronger than ever. Am I ready to stop? Sometimes. Why do we continue? Honestly, I don’t question it. It works for my parenting style.

How did we get here? I still remember that first latch. I was so determined to breastfeed my whole energy was focused on it. The first month was rough, we adjusted, we had help (it takes a village), and we succeeded.

It can be done. It is the best. 2 and a half years later… it is still the best. I don’t consider myself a crunchy mom, I don’t like being labeled anyways, but I knew breastfeeding her would be better than any other option.

3 things I did to succeed (in breastfeeding):

1. Read… read…read!

I read so much! I still do. Education in breastfeeding is so important. You need to be able to distinguish between the myths and the fact. Use those sleepless nights and educate yourself. It will come in handy when then baby is crying and you don’t know what to do. Research keeps you busy and away from buying more baby clothes.

2. Seek help

If the baby is crying… something is not right. If the baby is nursing for extended periods of time and you know deep down inside something is not right… seek help. Contact a La leche league leader.. call your pediatrician… ask a friend who breastfeeds and know that anything they might tell you its always in the best interest of the baby.

You are not failing! You are seeking help and that shows love and commitment! I applaud you ❤️

3. Eat, sleep, repeat

Take it slow. Eat. Drink water. If you are struggling… maybe cancel those plans and stay home and don’t add stress to an already stressful situation.

It’s an act of love… one that no one will ever thank you for. Only yourself. You will look back at the sleepless nights… the cracked nipples… the frustration… and the success of being able to feed your baby and nothing will give you greater satisfaction.

  Do you… in matters of the heart and your baby… do you.



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